MetaLineage for IBM Cognos

Document your lineage & reports in under a day!

With MetaLineage, you can automate the lot. Your lineage, your reports specifications, your Framework Manager models – you can have reports on all of it by the end of the day. With just the click of a button.

So no more mind-numbing, error-prone copy-pasting. No need to manually open and close every... single... query subject... and... every... single... data item... One by one. And no need for Microsoft Word or Excel at all.

No matter how long you’re currently spending on your documentation, MetaLineage can do it in a day. Or less. So it will cut hundreds – possibly even thousands – of hours from your project timeline, and slash your project costs.

Steve, Project Manager

“I have meeting tomorrow with the project sponsor to discuss the cost of adding a column to 5 database tables and to all the Cognos reports that references those tables. But first, I need to know how many reports will be impacted so that I can plan my project schedule and allocate resources to remediation the changes.“

One solution - 3 products

Model Documenter

Get an overview of your FM models object's properties such as query subjects, query items, relationships, calculations, filters, packages, parameter maps and data sources.

Report Documenter

Get an overview of the public folder with hyperlinks to each report's own documentation containing details of the data items, filters and slicers.


Lineage Documenter

Gives you a Lineage extract in excel format to shows you the breakdown of every data items contained in all the reports in your content store.


Some quotes from our clients

“It was a light-blue-touchpaper-and-stand-clear moment. Seventy models, a thousand-odd reports and about an hour later, the process of documenting the entire Cognos FM/RS reporting environment was complete. I was able to produce a single flat table containing the attributes needed to describe this complex reporting environment and load the lot into a database to be queried, pivoted, filtered and shared.“

John M.

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If you have any questions about MetaLineage, and how it can cut hundreds – possibly even thousands – of hours from your project timeline, and slash your project costs, please send us a message using the form below, and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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